Our Story

It began with an entrepreneur that started a single insurance agency that grew to multiple locations. The challenging experience of working with insurance companies, agents and clients helped to shape the vision for GoAskJay. We wanted to create a better way for consumers to find the right insurance products and services to fit their lifestyle in a fun and easy way.

So, we went to work to make it happen! We designed and created GoAskJay with countless hours from interacting with consumers and insurance professionals. We heard many horror stories and got many insights. And now we are proud to offer GoAskJay to you.

Founders + Executives

GoAskJay was inspired by many talented leaders, from many industries, that understand the frustration of finding and shopping for the best insurance and financial products.

Uni Yost

Uni Yost


Serial Entrepreneur, Business & Technology Visionary, Relationship Builder

Bradley Yost

Bradley Yost

CIO/Cofounder, MBA

Serial Technology Entrepreneur & Innovator, Strategic Technology Implementor


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