Partner Registration

Partner Registration

You made the right decision! To get you done as quickly as possible we only ask you the most important questions. When you have answered them all you will be able to move on.


  • 1 Enter Your Info
  • 2 Validate Email
  • 3 Agreements
  • 4 Create Logon

Just a Few Questions

There are only a few questions and you'll be all set in a minute. When everything is good to go this button will turn green and be ready to click.

What Do You Call Yourself?

Every group or company has a name and we need to know it for any of this to make sense.

If You Were a Tree...?

Describe your group so we can get to know you.

Who Are You?

Really! We need to know your name. You, as in the person typing right now. It's kind of important.

Email Address

This is how we will correspond with you and send you updates. If you have this inbox open now it will make your registration much easier for Step 2 coming up.

Phone Number

We will only use this if something gets stuck and we need to reach out to you.

Where Are You Located?

Your address is important to us, so we have to make sure it is correct. Start typing your full address with the street number and pick your address from the list.

Are You Not For Profit?

We have a special place in our heart for you! Let us know if you are a not for profit group.

Many groups and corporations don't want our marketing fee so we give people the option to pick you from our list of groups to send it to. Would you like your not for profit to appear in the list?

How Did You Hear About Us?

Did you receive a code from your Biz Dev or Salesperson to use with GoAskJay? If so enter it here. You may have received it via email.

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