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Knowing your exposure risk is key to preparing for when things go wrong.

There are many factors that affect your risk, the InsurSmart AITM helps you cover your gaps and points you in the right direction. Our scoring system let's you know what actions you need to take.

Whether your InsurSmart score is high, medium or low, InsurSmart AITM gives you a panoramic view of your exposure risk.

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Healthy Paws
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Inzuria Health
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Nationwide Dental
Pet Assure
Starr Companies
WellCard Savings

I love GoAskJay! All it took was a few minutes online and I had insurance quotes from multiple providers. It made finding the best price and coverage super easy.

Scot H.
Dallas, TX

It's important that my accounting practice is well covered by affordable insurance. GoAskJay was able to insure my business with a competitive rate in less than 15 minutes. No one else could do this so quickly.

Jacob E.
Dallas, TX

GoAskJay was a lifesaver when my client would not release a check until I provided them an updated business insurance certificate. It was the weekend and unable to reach my local insurance office. I went on GoAskJay and had new insurance within 5 minutes. I was able to email it over to the client and picked up my check next business day, before the local broker even returned my call. Best part is that I saved $1,000/yr on my policy!

Billie H.
Dallas, TX